Peacebird Headquarters. Interior design

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Client: Peacebird Headquarters. Interior design

Location: Ningbo, China

Year: 2017

Square meters: 3310 sqm

Stage: Concept design

Team: Adrian Aguirre


Fashion as culture. “Showcase the culture “. Culture is transmitted through generations, it’s inherited and preserved. Colours, fabrics and patterns reflect each culture uniqueness, a celebration of what makes each culture remarkable, from ancient to contemporary expressions, culture is reflected in fashion.

Fashion as a brand. “Showcase the company”, “let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion”, a great fashion brand retailer”, “amaze costumers, innovate”, “magnificent”.

Fashion as architecture. “Correlation of architecture and interior”, “outstanding space”. Architecture and fashion share the same values, design, style, refinement; they inform, reflect and influence each other. A continuous aesthetical dialogue.

Fashion as interior design. “Fashionable space”. Interior design as a frame for fashion, a frame for fashion to speak.

Fashion as fashion show. Pure lines, dynamic elements, strokes of light, the contemporary fashion is not limited to a show, the contemporary fashion show encourages the spectator for a deeper involvement offering experiences and atmospheres.

Fashion as exhibition. The non-wearable final destination of fashion, the exhibition. Fashion as the primary exhibited element in relation to an ephemeral temporality. Fashion as a culture, brand, architecture, interior design, show and exhibition.


For Peacebird Headquarters at Ningbo, China, two main spaces were designed; a closed multipurpose hall, and the open central garden.

Main hall interior. Firstly, the interior multipurpose hall was developed based on the encounter of two main forces/flows of people which are represented by stream lines as floor pattern. Secondly, circular areas were defined for semi-fixed element, flexible elements/furniture and display/feature elements. Finally through a concave ceiling feature elements fold and connect to a pre-stablished structure.

Open central garden. An existing bridge which subdivided the space in three different areas was considered to provide different atmospheres. Area A. Water land. Hardscape/soft-scape. Area B. Linear landscape. Hardscape. Area C. Sinuous area. Soft-scape. A rotational strategy which moved clock and counter clockwise was implemented to stablish a color palette: from colour mixed to monochromatic; and a landscape strategy: from hard to soft landscape. Finally each area invites Peacebird employees to experience exterior spaces as break-out/reflection areas through contemporary and vibrant shared spaces.


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