Chunfeng Tunnel

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Client: Shenzhen transportation

Location: Shenzhen, China

Year: 2017

Square meters: 6,375sqm tunnel entrance and exit, 4,747.50sqm landscape, interior tunnel configuration.

Stage: Concept design, Schematic design

Team: Adrian Aguirre


Chunfeng Tunnel acts as visual reference outside and inside the tunnel, drivers adapt to light transition through an unfolding structure. The sound barrier at east side reduces noise and wind turbulence.

Natural structures and natural geometrical patterns were considered as an initial reference, as a secondary layer of complexity, speed, turbulence and journey transitions were considered as well.

Shenzhen is a vibrant city, which reflected the same values considered for the tunnel, flow of people, flow of information, contemporary architecture and human connectivity.

The project is divided in three main aspects: the entrance and exit design, the tunnel interior and the landscape design.

Entrance and exit design. Based on car, street and wind flow a structure was formed, a curved surface which folds down or folds up while transitioning from interior to exterior accordingly.

Tunnel interior. A sober interior which transitions smoothly from the external openness to a controlled environment. Light features placed on the upper structure relate to the entrance and exit design morphologies.

Landscape. Native species fold and unfold following the street or the tunnel flow.




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