Fading Breeze

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Fading Breeze; Geroskipou, Cyprus; 2017

Team: Adrian Aguirre

The proposal describes topologically transformational processes, derived from proximity between sea-beach-wind, introducing discontinuous reality, invisible, fading out.

We live in a epoch of simultaneity, of juxtaposition of disperse elements, any architecture of the XXI century should be able to relate and adapt to a multiplicity of contextual conditions and individual necessities. Fading breeze aims to establish a new architectural paradigm, where site is defined by proximity of elements and architectural spaces have been replaced by fields of heterogeneous and continuous interaction.

Fading breeze responds to the digital and analogue association; the proposal explores the tri-axial plane, applying the basic principles of roof, wall and floor, turning them into an interaction field, where the dichotomy between permanent and ephemeral has a direct correspondence with the architectural phenomena of acceleration and deceleration in the city.


4.20m (w) x 4.20m (d) x 10.00m (h) placed in a 5.00m (w) x 5.00 (d) x 0.50m (h)


Base. Concrete foundation. 5.00m (w) x 5.00 (d) x 0.50m (h). Concrete with sand aggregate base. 3.40m (w) x 3.63m (d) x 1.50m (h) – 2.40m (w) x 3.60m (d) x 1.43m (h). According to design.

Structure. Steel frame anchored to concrete base – foundation. 0.15m (w) x 0.15m (d) x 10.00m (h)

Primary material. Steel metal sheets, 18mm bespoke CNC/laser cut, treated for exteriors, matte finish.


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