2011 – 2012 National Fund for Culture & Arts (FONCA). For:  Program of studies abroad. Mexico.

2010 – 2011 National Fund for Culture & Arts (FONCA). For:  Program of studies abroad. Mexico.

Jaliscience Institute of Youth. For:  Program for studies abroad. Guadalajara, Mexico.

2008            Shinkenchiku residential house competition. For: Four square house design problem – Homage to John Hejduk -. Tokio, Japan. Highly commended.

2007            ArpaFil, competition for young architects. For:  Opposite segment. Guadalajara, Mexico. Winner.

2007           Centre for Architectural Communication. For:  Summer A&D pavilion. Novosibirsk, Russia. Second place.

2007           Capital Garden. For:  New Concept for Capital Garden. Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Honorific.

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