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Typology: Pavilion



Stage: Competition

Team: Adrian Aguirre, Vanessa Gomez, Andrea Ramos

An eclectic icon to see and be seen, an exploration where the triaxial plane fold from ceiling to wall and the digital and analogue (crafted) architecture merge through geometric and material control.
Geometry is generated through height variations of four truncated cubic pyramids differentiated in height and extension, the geometry shifts in relation to dominant wind coming from SW mainly, cladding breaks down the external envelope in 50cm strips facilitating fabrication and modularity; finally, the interior is intersected by four curved openings framing four main views: the city, the canal, antepavilion 2017 & 2018.
Wood structure, mycelium bricks and cork cladding were selected due to their properties: essential craftsmanship, adaptability to external conditions and sustainability.

Structure. 2”x 4” & 2”x 2” wood profiles
Substructure. 122cm x 244cm x 2.8cm (w)plywood sheets/Waterproof. Plastic membrane
Interior cladding. 50cm x varies x 0.32cm (w) natural cork
Exterior cladding. 50cm x varies x 10cm (w) mycelium bricks
Exterior railing. 100cm x 100cm x 0.90cm (w) transparent perspex sheets
Area. 32.06 sqm; maximum height. 6.00m; minimum height.3.00 m; openings 2.50m x 100cm – arch @50cm Ø

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