Huanxi Station

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Huanxi Station of Nantong

Typology: Transportation, Infrastructure, Metro station

Location: Nantong, China

Year: 2018

Stage: Concept design, Schematic design

Team: Adrian Aguirre, Vanessa Gomez


Fibers, fabrics, ondulating surfaces, continuous filaments. Geometrical configurations
that fold, turn and twist.
In relation to Huanxi Station of Nantong, the abstract concept relates to formations of
structures, in the case of the proposal reflected in the ceiiling, walls and floor.

Richness of culture, architecture and fabrics blend harmoniously in Nantong. The
intimate relation with water and fabrics provide Nantong city and interesting dichotomy
of fluidity and rigidity, of natural and artificial vibrance.

Nantong is becoming a hub for contemporary architecture, adapted to the current needs
of a vibrant city with deep cultural roots. The Fan Zheng Art Gallery by Original Design
Studio and the Urban Planning Museum by HENN are references for the proposal; their
design blends materiality with user multisensorial experiences.



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