Functional Beast

Typology: Ephemeral installation, pavilion, warming hut

Location: The forks, Winnipeg, Canada

Year: 2021

Stage: Competition proposal

Team: Adrian Aguirre, Regina Sanchez, Samantha Lopez

Functional beast

In architecture, typology is the assemblage of types of buildings or elements, it is a method that provides structure and order, it communicates functions, provides coherence and meaning. Typologies were tools for reasoning and produce the urban plan, they established the standard of the dominant style throughout the years, …“maybe the conventional histories get it right, maybe contemporary architecture is influenced most by a score of canonical buildings about which we all have read countless times” (L. Woods). The pavilion, the winter hut, as a typology is a structure which provides shelter or creates a visual reference.

Functional beast challenges comfort and user experience in architecture, forces the user to engage in a series of mechanics to enter the hut (stand, kneel, crawl, stand up). The proposal aims to provide an interior and exterior experience unrelated to its context, a hairy beast waved from Sisal fibres, a bad-hair-day pavilion façade, whereas the access to interior creates a wooden cove for up to two visitors standing.