Myself & I

Typology: Pavilion, Warming hut

Location: Guadalajara International Airport, Guadalajara, Mexico

Year: 2022

Stage: Competition

Team: Adrian Aguirre

Renders: AA Architecture & Design

Myself & I

I forget myself;

I want you to remind me.

(Divinyls, 1990. I Touch Myself)

I found myself, we commonly lose ourselves whilst lying in the ground looking at the sky, we commonly loose ourselves with our reflections; Myself & I entwines both perceptions: sky and ourselves.
The individual visitor experience brings clouds, wind and snow to a new ground whilst rising the individual (physically literally).
Reflections will occur in all positions: seen from below, reflecting structure and ground, common walking perspective – reflecting sky, and from the top, reflecting yourself sky and yourself.

Wooden structure and acrylic mirror silver sheets of 1.00m x 1.00m, conform the main materiality for a 2m (radius) reflective surface (12.57sqm aprox.)