Nove e mezzo (9 1/2 or 9.5)

Typology: Ephemeral installation, pavilion, winter station

Location: Ontario, Canada

Year: 2021

Stage: Competition proposal

Team: Adrian Aguirre, Regina Sanchez, Samantha Lopez

Nove e mezzo

Ascend, disappear, interact.

A “post-contemporary” interpretation of pneumatic/ inflatable installations from the 60’s 70’s and visions of temporary structures from Russian suprematism.
9 1/2 speculates through a static inflatable structure the role of a winterstation in architecture, exploring transparency and solidity as means to develop a “soft” ground and a “floating” shelter.
9.5 encourages visitors to engage and interact with the cloud, filling a “sanitizing vapour gun” with water to create a fading breeze around the installation and capture it whilst the breeze disappears, relating to the ephemeral nature of the installation whilst shifting the main purpose of the gun (sanitize) to a playful one. A cloud (helium inflated) for human interaction.
Along with the installation a Spark AR bespoke filter for Instagram will be developed to enhance and expand through social media the virtual limits of the archetype (virtual rain).