Tequila World

Client: Tequila Cuervo

Typology: Commercial, Interior design

Location: Guadalajara International Airport, Guadalajara, Mexico

Year: 2019-2022

Stage: Concept design, Schematic design, Construction documentation

Team: Concept and Schematic Design: Adrian Aguirre, Marco Floreschapa, Vannesa Gomez, Sandra Ramirez, Regina Sanchez, Samantha Lopez. Construction Documentation: Adrian Aguirre, Marco Floreschapa, Vannesa Gomez, Sandra Ramirez.


Glass Façade: CONSTRUCTA

Renders: AA Architecture & Design

Tequila World

Since 2019, AA was approached by Tequila Cuervo to design a Flagship store for the Guadalajara International Airport , the design aimed to focus on the Tequila region, and the processes related in the development of Tequila.

“Pasión por el agave” proposes three main pillars:

Origin: Relation to volcanic soil where Tequila thrives. Materials: Metalicus Granite

Territory: Relation to the region. Materials: Black volcanic stone

Essence: Relation to the cask and the final Tequila process: Oak wood