Sinuous Plateau

Sinuous Plateau; Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, 2016

Team: Adrian Aguirre

Plateau. A land area having a relatively level surface considerably raised above adjoining land on at least one side, and often cut by deep canyons.

“If you think about voids instead of working with the solid elements, the truth appears… the art of the structure is how and where to put the holes… strength but not weight”

            We live in an epoch of simultaneity, of juxtaposition of disperse elements, any architecture of the XXI century should be able to relate and adapt to a multiplicity of contextual conditions and individual necessities. Sinuous plateau aims to establish a new architectural paradigm, where site is defined due to proximity between elements and architectural spaces have been replaced by fields of heterogeneous and continuous interaction. Sinuous plateau explores the tri-axial plane, applying the basic principles of roof, wall and floor, turning them into an interaction field, where the dichotomy between speed and stagnant has a direct correspondence with the architectural phenomena of acceleration and deceleration in the city.

Sinuous plateau describes topologically transformational processes derived from “the celebration of speed, power and innovation”, amplifying visual interaction through sinuous components for pedestrians, drivers and passengers fused with the contemplative phenomenon consequent from reflecting surfaces. (Droste effect – a smaller version of the image within itself in a recursive manner). 

Sinuous plateau aims to reflect the Lamborghini design philosophy materializing speed and motion, envisioning two new “stylistically pure” landforms/landmarks. The proposal adapts basic principles/elements of architecture (floor, wall and roof) into a tri-axial network based on repetition and deformation.

A similar articulation for each landmark will create visual tension, and material variation will provide uniqueness to each element. Sinuous plateau is based on variations of the Schwarz´ D-Surface and the Schoen´s complementary D-Surface (minimal surface) introducing a discontinuous reality, a homogeneous membrane folding and unfolding endlessly a ode to the flowing lines reflected in the Urus SUV.

Materiality flows continuously, AMAG AP1 top bright aluminum (mirror/brush finish) as a primary material (exterior cladding) will reflect architectonically the high performance materiality inspired by Lamborghini, local materials such as white and silver marble, terrazzo casted in situ, and grass (flooring and podium) will simplify material supply.

Booklet link below.

Sinuous Plateau booklet