Pleated Field

Pleated Field; London, UK, 2017

Team: Adrian Aguirre

Architectural representations are not absolute, architecture relies on dualities, solid – void, heavy – light, transparency – opaque; space is constructed with all those dualities, space is a convergence of dichotomies. To understand modern inhabitation and modern micro-dwelling models, a process of adaptation and morphogenesis to purpose/use-context is fundamental.

Pleated field is a new morphology of overlapped planes which creates visual and physical connectivities, a non-orthogonal multifaceted shelter which responds to the necessity of micro-dwelling/shelters for hikers, a fixed accommodation for nomadic activities.

Form arises from a unified volume, a 40sqm block (4mx10m) which contains a democratic space, a rectangular box with no details; from the disjunction of four volumes whose functions respond to common activities (entry, rest, eat, sleep), space is shifted, each volume is rearranged allowing for interconnectivity between all the spaces; a shift of the perfect box, a non-obstructed flow which responds to multiple use, multiple guests and multiple views/experiences.

Materiality: Structure. Sustainable pine wood (20cmxvariable dimensions). Exterior cladding. Sustainable charred wood – triangular faceted (50cmxvariable dimensions). Interior cladding. Sustainable cork – triangular faceted (50cmxvariable dimensions).



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