Wuxi metro stations. Gonghu Dadao Station, Huishan Guzhen Station, Grand Theatre Station

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Client: Wuxi transportation. Line 4. Gonghu Dadao Station, Huishan Guzhen Station, Grand Theatre Station.

Location: Wuxi, China

Year: 2017

Square meters: 62,532.30sqm

Stage: Concept design, schematic design

Team: Adrian Aguirre, Angelica Basurto, Marco Floreschapa, Vanessa Gomez, Francisco Guillen, Erick Sánchez.

As an overall motto, at SAA, everything should be designed.
In relation to the Wuxi Metro stations we considered the main views from the client, were through a design we foster a Harmonious Wuxi and a Vibrant Metro, and a relation with the contemporary culture and the historic or feature architecture and landmarks of Wuxi which we resumed for our main concept as HETEROGENEOUS COMPATIBILITY. Heterogeneous compatibility blends through materials, colours, atmospheres contemporary architecture and local culture or landmarks.
As part of the brief, it was required as well to design a hospitable environment and a modern space, which we merged into our secondary concept, TRANSPORTATION AS LANDMARK, where metro stations will be notable spaces of the city, modernity and regional connections.
Each station is defined with a main concept which provides legibility for architecture, atmospheres and materials.
Huishan Guzhen. Natural station
Grand Theatre. Vibrant station
Gonghu Dadao. Pure station
Finally as part of the main concept we considered SEMIOLOGIAL CO-RELATION, where recognition and memory are provided by a similar design at street level, (a new symbol for metro station) but at the interior atmospheres vibrate through a consistent and differentiated architectural design which flows along the interior through all levels.
Individual relate to metro through symbols, architecture turns into a symbol in our design.
When design is perceived by a larger population, it becomes a landmark, and identity is provided by design.


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