Shenzhen metro stations. Keyuan Station. Shenda East Station

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Client: Shenzhen metro. Line 13. Keyuan Station, Shenda East Station.

Location: Shenzhen, China

Year: 2017

Square meters: 41,279.53sqm

Stage: Concept design

Team: Adrian Aguirre


Shenzhen metro line 13 pass through Nanshan district, Baoan district and Guangming district from north to south. There are 22 stations, from which Shenda East station and Keyuan station were design under the main concept of “City of wisdom” and “City of the future”.


City of wisdom. “Smart metro”. An experience based on connectivity, flow of users – data – information.

City of the future. Revolutionize and reshape transportation. A city of the future shaped from the concept of mobility and the experience of transportation.

Station of wisdom. Keyuan station. As a general concept, fluids with different viscosities and their behaviour were considered. Existing elements such as structure, voids and furniture were considered as obstacles for this system, the resultant/reaction provided a directionality expressed on floor and ceiling elements.

Station of the future. Shenda East station.  Natural formations were considered. A mathematical configuration (Fibonacci sequence) was applied as a general organizing lattice as an oppositional force to the main circulation directionality, resulting in a visual moire effect applied to ceiling elements.







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