Typology: Pavilion, Interior installation, Exhibition

Location: RIBA Gallery; London, UK

Year: 2020

Stage: Competition

Team: Adrian Aguirre


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Iris challenges the modern vision of homogeneity and human standardization in architecture, questioning the role of architecture in relation to comfort and the user experience, aiming to contest the classical architectural discourse which imposed through a style ideologies, power and control, through a proposed archetype; an open dialogue between a comfortable seating inclined area and a truncated cone installation with a non-comfortable interior centre or “Iris”.According to Lebbeus Woods, “…conventional histories get it right, maybe contemporary architecture is influenced most by a score of canonical buildings about which we all have read countless times”, Iris, through a conventional shape and standard fabrication questions a dominant style through form and space.
Iris ponders architecture as a social and cultural device, able to respond to order and structure while communicating both function and disconnection from standard dimensions and construction assembly methods to unnatural or uncommon methods of human interaction and circulation; providing coherence and meaning while being self-confronting.

Materials. Pine wood, metal brackets and photographic filter.
Dimensions. Suspended: 50cm above ground, truncated cone: 11.50m upper circle, 2.00m lower circle, total height: 2.28m, height from ground: 2.78m, inclined bench: 50cm height, 1.37m slopped seating area.

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