Origins and memories

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Origins and memories

Typology: Pavilion, Mextropoli 2020, Arquine 22

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Year: 2020

Stage: Competition

Team: Adrian Aguirre


The history of a nation endures on people’s memory through the objects of everyday use; the use of bamboo as a reinforce for constructive system named “Bajareque”, “Charangas” in Veracruz, furniture, etc.; as well handcrafted decorations, bags or baskets are a piece of the Mexican collective memory.
Origin considers those elements as main elements of melancholy and national identity, proposing a recyclable and reusable pavilion. Origin aims to stablish a new archetype, where the site is defined by the proximity of elements, where spaces have been replaced by heterogeneous fields of interaction, promoting the relationship between the user and the architecture.

The proposal articulates: bamboo and “sisal” or “manila” twisted thread as structural and aesthetical elements, the structure will be pre-fabricated on workshop with 2cm radius bamboo and bended according to pre-estalished patterns; the sub-structure will be cut and installed in-situ with bamboo of 1cm radius and variable lengths from 2.20m to 3.40m. All joints will be created in-situ thorugh 3/8” diameter sisal or manila twisted thread.
Origin is located on Doctor Mora street, framing the historical presence of Alameda Central, through a handmade fabric, a semi-transparent lattice which induces for contemplation and a visual interaction.

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