Dolly or the tale of the sheep who walked down the river and became a pavilion

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Dolly or the tale of the sheep who walked down the river and became a pavilion

Typology: Warming hut/pavilion/shelter

Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Year: 2018

Stage: Competition

Team: Adrian Aguirre, Andrea Ramos


The animal kingdom has found behaviours to adapt to extreme conditions, bears hibernate, arctic fox changes color as camouflage, monarch butterflies migrate, alligators slow their metabolic activity while keeping their nostrils above the surface for breathing. dolly, in this case, has imitated the alligator’s behavior; she went for a walk and found herself able to become a pavilion.

Geometrically speaking, from arises from twofold conditions: a. sustainable, reusable and recyclable materials: wood structural profiles, wood faceted interior, exterior wool insulation cladding fixed with screw in façade nails (dolly’s skin). b. flat surfaces reflect time of sun exposure, from east to south to west warming up the interior. finally, his location responds to a multiplicity of streets connecting, at the edge of the Fort Rouge Park. Coordinates: 49°52’56.5” n 97°08’30.4” w


Dolly aims to create an icon while protecting users, focusing on interior and exterior experiences, fostering human interaction.

Four faceted funnel shaped towers resemble dolly’s feet, each tower has a different alignment and development, with exception of the north-west tower, each of them allows for users to take shelter at the interior. all proposed materials aim to be reused and recycle on projects in the region, from wool insulation which will provide exterior cladding to sustainable wood from structure and interior cladding.


Dolly’s measures: 5.00m height, 5.60m radius platform of 20cm height, 2.10m voids (doors) and approximate 98.52sqm of area.

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