Gangxia North. Transportation hub

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Gangxia North. Transportation hub

Typology: Transportation, Infrastructure, Metro station

Location: Shenzhen, China

Year: 2018

Stage: Concept design, Schematic design

Team: Adrian Aguirre, Vanessa Gomez, Andrea Ramos


Four main concepts where developed for Gangxia north: Abstract, local culture, general architecture and local architecture.

Sinuous threads, continuous interconnected stripes of color enhancing architectural
contours and providing legibility to the interior of the space.
Light as infinite space, light resonating at the main hall area, light as life, light as art.

From a former village to an international and modern city described as “the city of
design”, “the city of piano” and “the city of makers”, Shenzhen brings color, experiences
and contemporary architectural references, culture and technology blended.

The proposed design for Gangxia North Transportation Hub aims to provide a contemporary
architectural vision where transportation infrastructure has become an architectural
reference a hub for social interaction.
SAA proposes a fluid, interconnected and visually striking interior solution which
responds to the modern user needs, focusing on the quality of the overall experience.

Considering “Lighting life with light”, as the main concept, contemporary architecture
with similar values are reflected in Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Nanshan
Cultural, Sport Centre and Art Museum and MOCAPE where perforated surfaces allow
light to amplify the interior space while textures amplify the user experience.
Architecture at Gangxia North enables natural light to allow exterior to become part of
the interior, natural inside and artificial space.

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