To kneel, to stand, to interact

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To kneel, to stand, to interact

Typology: Pavilion, Warming hut

Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Year: 2019

Stage: Competition

Team: Adrian Aguirre


According to Bernard Tschumi “Architecture is defined by the actions it witnesses as much as by the enclosure of its walls”, the proposal for the Warming huts designated as “To kneel, to stand, to interact”, appeals to a series of actions that relate and challenge human body and its capabilities, counterposing to concepts of scale and human comfort.

These series of actions are employed as a guide to relate to the proposed architecture and its intentions; from the exterior planks of spruce wood steamed bended provide a sustainable and natural characteristic as opposed to its animalistic twisted geometry, the interior, cladded in cork boards, provides an internal “warming” experience, both visual and weather proof.


Capacity: 4-5 users

Height: 6.00m

Area: 28.27sqm