I’m not from here

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I’m not from here

Typology: Pavilion, Winter station

Location: Ontario, Canada

Year: 2019

Stage: Competition

Team: Adrian Aguirre


I’m not from here explores geometrical disequilibrium, where space basic element is an anthropocentric element – existing life ward towers – and is transformed into a non-anthropological triaxial plane, where planes fold in three dimensions, considering a continuous fold from ceiling to wall, to entrance, to ceiling and base.

An animalistic exterior is proposed through sheep insulation wool, exploring the aesthetical possibilities of unseen elements of construction and their expressive conditions, removing its original condition (insulation material), accepting its neutrality to become an expression beyond the senses: tactile, visual and olfactive, while promoting a sustainable, recycled nontoxic material.

I’m not from here aims to express climate conditions through material transformation, where the exterior cladding will absorb moist from the sea and the atmosphere modifying texture and color properties, becoming a “living” witness of time and weather.



Capacity: 1-2 users

Height: 3.05m

Diameter: 8.00m

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